Enrolment Information

Summer 2022 Graduations

Ceremony dates -

Main Campus - Summer 2022 Graduation Ceremony Timetable

Dumfries - Summer 2022 Graduation Ceremony Timetable

Enrolment dates - Thursday 21 April - Friday 6 May

How do I enrol to graduate?

Current Students - Enrol online in MyCampus by following the steps below.

From your MyCampus Student Center -

  • Click the Academics Link
  • Select My Academic Record
  • Select Enrol to Graduate
  • Complete online enrolment form


From MyGlasgow for Students, select My Graduation

Email confirmation of your enrolment will be sent to your student account within 24 hours of enrolling to graduate.  If you do not receive confirmation of your enrolment within this time frame, contact us at graduation@glasgow.ac.uk as soon as possible (no later than Friday 6 May), so that we can make sure that you are enrolled to graduate.  Please include your full name and student number in all correspondence.

No longer a registered student? 

If you are unable to enrol to graduate by following the steps above, email us at graduation@glasgow.ac.uk as early as possible during the enrolment period (and no later than Friday 6 May), and we will send you a short enrolment form to complete and return by email.  Please include your full name, student number in your correspondence.

Email confirmation of your enrolment will be sent to you as soon as possible once we have received your completed enrolment forms.  If you have sent forms to us and have not heard from us, contact us at graduation@glasgow.ac.uk no later than Friday 6 May so that we can make sure that you are enrolled to graduate before enrolment closes.  Please include your full name and student number in all correspondence.

General enrolment information

PGT students - if you enrolled to graduate in summer in error, please remember that you will need to enrol to graduate again in winter, even if you are unable to attend your ceremony and are graduating in-absentia.  Instructions on how to enrol to graduate in winter will be available in August.

Should I wait to receive my exam results/find out if I’ve passed before I enrol?

Noyou are NOT automatically enrolled for graduation when you pass your examinations/qualify for your degree.

If you wish to graduate you must enrol for graduation during the enrolment period even if your results are not yet published.

What about debts to the University?

If you have an outstanding academic related debt you will not be allowed to enrol for graduation or graduate. 

If you are in doubt about your debts to the University please make early enquiries with the university's credit control team. For further information please see the Student Debt Policy.

After Graduating

About 15 months after graduating, you'll be contacted about taking part in the Graduate Outcomes Survey.  The survey is important because your opinions will help current and future students gain an insight into career destinations and development and the University to shape our programmes for students who are following in your footsteps. The survey contacts graduates:

  • 15 months after graduation
  • by email or phone
  • to learn about your activities and views


Changes to Enrolment/ Graduation Enrolment Update Form

Changes to Enrolment

Once you have enrolled to graduate, if you need to make any changes to your graduation enrolment eg changing from attending your ceremony to graduating in-absentia, please complete the Graduation Enrolment Update Form: 

Current Students (With a GUID)


Former Students (Without a GUID)