Disability Exam Support

The Disability Service will agree with you what exam arragements are required via a needs assessment.  These arrangements are then recorded in your MyCampus record:

  • The Exams Team uses this information to put exam arrangments in place
  • These arrangements are then circulated to Schools by the Exams Team, prior to each exam diet
  • Schools will contact their students with details of these arrangements.

Due to the large scale complexity of these arrangements, the deadlines set for students must be met, in order for us to be able to put exam arrangements in place.  Please note that if you miss the deadline to meet with Disabilty Service then we will be unable to put in place any exam arrangements for the forthcoming diet.

Please note the following deadlines for session 2019/20, for students to meet with Disability Service.

Exam Diet

Deadline for Students to meet 

with Disability Service

December Friday 8 November 2019
February Friday 10 January 2020
April/May Friday 13 March 2020
July/August Friday 3 July 2020



Exams Team are responsible for the following:

  • To book rooms for students requiring a room separate from the main exam venue, whether on their own or sharing with a small number of other students.
  • To book rooms for students requiring a separate room and the use of a computer.  We use Computer Clusters in the Library for these exams.  If a student requires a room on their own with a computer the School will book a suitable room and advise us of the room details.
  • To be aware of students with extra time.  
  • To circulate all of the arrangements to Schools.
  • To provide invigilators with details of your exam provisions as detailed on your MyCampus record.

Schools are responsible for the following:

  • To inform students of all exam arrangements put in place for them, including room bookings and early start times.
  • To organise scribes and readers.
  • To make arrangements for students with a temporary disability e.g. broken arm.  All arrangements must be approved by the Clerk of Senate.  If you have a temporary disability please contact your School in the first instance, Disability Service do not deal with temporary disabilities.

Students are responsible for the following:

  • To book an appointment with Disability Service prior to the deadlines.
  • To visit any separate room booked for you, to familiarise yourself with the location and highlight any problems you may foresee with the room, before your exam(s).
  • To arrive at the exam venue in good time, and if you have extra time make your way into the exam hall before your start time.  Extra time should always be taken at the beginning of the exam, with the exception of:

- LANGCTR exams in main halls.  Due to audio component extra time will be added to the end of the exam.

- 30 mins per hour extra or 100% extra time.  In these instances extra time will be allocated on an individual basis and may be split between the beginning and end of the exam.  Exams Team will inform Schools of these arrangments and Schools will then inform their students.             

For students that are entitled to 15 minutes per hour extra, exam start times are as follows:


Offical Exam Start TimeExam DurationEarly Start Time
09:30 60 mins 09:15
09:30 90 mins 09:07
09:30 120 mins 09:00
09:30 150 mins 08:52
09:30 180 mins 08:45
13:00 60 mins 12:45
13:00 90 mins 12:37
13:00 120 mins 12:30
13:00 150 mins 12:22
13:00  180 mins  12:15 
14:00  60 mins  13:45 
14:00  90 mins  13:37 
14:00  120 mins  13:30 
14:00  150 mins  13:22 
14:00  180 mins  13:15 
16:30  60 mins  16:15 
16:30  90 mins  16:07 



Please be aware that invigilators will not call out for students with extra time to enter the exam hall, you should go into the exam venue and make yourself known.

  • To signal their presence to an invigilator when they enter a main hall exam venue.
  • To provide coloured acetate/overlay, if required.