Results & resits


An automated email will be issued to your student email account from MyCampus with your exam results as they become available.

Results will also be published on MyCampus.


Please refrain from telephoning or emailing the Registry to check when your results will be published.

Members of staff are not allowed to give out results by telephone or email.

Resit enrolment

Enrolment arrangements for resit examinations

If you are eligible for resits you must check your MyCampus student record to ensure the exams that you are enrolled to resit are correct.  If you have any questions about enrolments, please contact the IT Helpdesk so that this can be referred to the relevant school.

How to check the exams you are enrolled to resit:

  • Log into your MyCampus Student Record
  • Go to Student Centre
  • From Student Centre click on Enrolment Link
  • Click on Enrol for Resits tab
  • You will then see the Exams Enrolled to Resit screen
  • All of the exams you are enrolled to resit will be listed and displayed with a tick in the resit box.

Check your resit exams list:

1. Please check the list thoroughly. If there are any exams listed that you do not want to resit or that you do want to want to resit but are missing, please email the Registry Exams Team at with:

  • the exam name,
  • code,
  • your full name, and
  • student number

by Friday 25 June 2021 to ensure you are removed or added from the relvevant exam list.

2. In exceptional circumstances your School/Instiute may require you to resit an exam for a course where you have already received an overall course grade of D3 (undergraduate non-Honours) or C3 (PGT), or you may be advised to resit an exam taken in a previous academic session.

Your School will have advised you if that applies to you. If so, please contact with details of:

  • your name,
  • student number,
  • exam name, and
  • code

by Friday 25 June 2021 to be added to the exam list and ensure you have a clash-free exam timetable.