Lost Property at UofG

Published: 23 September 2022

The Campus Security Team have a new process to reunite owners with lost property

The UofG Campus Security team has invested in a new Lost Property system to help our UofG community get reunited with their items.  

Colleagues, students and members of the public can now log their lost property on a new online system via this link: 


The process is very simple: If you lose an item on campus, you simply enter your details and a description of your missing things. 

Claire Lowe, Security Operations Manager, said: “Helping our community to reunite with their lost property is one of our key priorities. Too many items that are found within the campus grounds are never claimed back. We hope using this simple system to log lost property will become a standard practice across the University of Glasgow, ensuring many happy reunions”.  

To find out more, check out the Campus Security webpages or this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqtLozDllY4. 

First published: 23 September 2022