Building Digital Skills at the University of Glasgow

Published: 24 August 2022

The Jisc ‘Building digital capability discovery tool’ is now available for all staff

The Digital Education Unit is delighted to introduce the Jisc ‘Building digital capability discovery tool’ for all staff and students at the University of Glasgow.  

The discovery tool has been provided by Jisc and offers a way for staff and students to self-assess their digital skills and suggest courses and other training as a starting point.   

There are a series of reflective questions that relate to the different elements of digital capability which are defined in the six elements of the digital capability framework:

  • Digital proficiency and productivity (functional skills) 
  • Information, data and media literacies (critical use) 
  • Digital creation, problem solving and innovation (creative production) 
  • Digital communication, collaboration and participation (participation) 
  • Digital learning and development (development) 
  • Digital identity and wellbeing (self-actualising) 

By answering the questions staff and students are made aware of the skills they already have and new ones they might like to try.   

This is a developmental tool, to help support staff and students explore their personal levels of confidence and capability and it provides a range of pointers to relevant resources.  

Once a user has completed all the questions within a question set they are provided with a tailored feedback report which will summarise their confidence level rating (developing | capable | proficient), suggested next steps, and recommended resources (use your University of Glasgow LinkedIn learning account to access free courses). 

Access the tool 

You can access the discovery tool by visiting Jisc ( typing in “University of Glasgow” In the organisation box and entering your GUID and password to log in.

First published: 24 August 2022