The GUSS is ready for new projects

Published: 13 October 2022

The Glasgow University Software Service can produce software for a variety of university projects

Need some software developed for your research, knowledge exchange, or administrative project?  Glasgow University Software Service (GUSS), run from the School of Computing Science, is ready to take on new projects!

By employing Computing Science students and student user experience / user interface (UX / UI) designers, under the guidance and expertise of professional project managers, GUSS has been successfully delivering software solutions such as websites, web applications, databases, mobile apps, and other software solutions over the last 3 years – including the university system for monitoring and supporting student wellbeing, MyPath. 

GUSS is also a helpful way to access software development skills and supervision for projects where you might struggle to recruit for a short-term post, or your team may not have the skills and knowledge to effectively supervise work of this nature.

As an internal department of the university, GUSS can be directly commissioned without any need for a procurement process. 

To find out more or discuss a possible project, please contact


Jill Dykes
Director of Business Development
Glasgow University Software Service
School of Computing Science

First published: 13 October 2022