Upcoming improvements to property maintenance services

Published: 17 November 2022

The Estates Directorate has been reviewing the University’s approach to property maintenance

The Estates Directorate has been reviewing the University’s approach to property maintenance, with the aim to significantly improve the service colleagues receive. 

You should start seeing positive changes over the course of 2023, while we onboard a new service provider. 

An updated service contract, incentivising the speed of delivery and quality of workmanship, has been developed, and we have now identified a market leading firm to carry out the service. This includes mechanical and electrical works, plumbing, fabric, and building management systems (BMS). 

Ian A Campbell, Executive Director of Estates, said: “Our key priority is to enhance the maintenance service for our colleagues. To ensure that requests are dealt with promptly, we will significantly improve both our methods and timeliness of delivery. Over the coming months, we will be bringing in a new partner who will provide the level of support we need to maintain and improve our world-changing campuses.” 

Lorraine Shaw, Head of Frameworks and Contracts, said: “Over the last 12 months, a joint team comprised of colleagues from Procurement, Estates and specialist facilities management advisors (AECOM) have worked hard on developing a new delivery model to meet the growing needs of the University. The model has been shaped by the consultation with a range of stakeholders and colleagues, and incorporates feedback from Schools and Colleges on historical service delivery experiences.”  

We expect the new provider to start in the spring of 2023. You may notice new faces around campus carrying out surveys over the next couple of months, while we prepare for the transition in service.  

These changes will not impact the employment contracts or terms and conditions of University of Glasgow employees. 

The current maintenance request process remains the same during the transition period. Please follow the process outlined below if you require to report a job or receive an update on previously reported requests.  

How to raise a request: 

Raising a job 

  • Please use the webform, accessed from the ‘Estates Helpdesk’ link on the front of the MyGlasgow Staff webpages. 
  • Or call the Helpdesk on 0141 330 6000  

If you would like to get a progress update on the job you have raised:  

If your request is taking longer than expected and you wish to escalate the matter or wish to discuss matters in detail:  

  • Please call the Helpdesk on 0141 330 6000 and ask to be put in touch with a Duty Manager  

Finally, if the matter is urgent or is a safety concern:  

  • Please call the Helpdesk on 0141 330 6000 

We will issue follow-up information once the contract has been finalised. 

First published: 17 November 2022