Support for disabled and neurodivergent colleagues

Published: 20 June 2022

Disability Equality Champion Christine Barr on the new portal and process to support disabled and neurodivergent colleagues

We recently launched a new portal and process to support disabled and neurodivergent colleagues at the University.  The portal provides a support framework which allows colleagues and managers to discuss, explore and implement reasonable adjustments to remove or overcome barriers.

Based on colleague feedback these resources have been designed to ensure constructive and supportive conversations between colleagues and their line managers.

The process and portal provides an automated workflow process in addition to a new suite of support including guidance for line managers in considering adjustments and a complimentary “Reasonable Adjustments Passport” that will serve as a live and transferrable record of reasonable adjustment(s) that have been discussed and agreed.

Christine Barr, in her capacity as Disability Equality Champion, described this significant change for the University as enhancing and improving our support and experience for our disabled and neurodivergent colleagues: “It is important that our colleagues know we are committed to supporting them in whatever way we can in providing a conducive and supportive working environment. I want to ensure our colleagues feel able to seek and secure support in removing barriers and I strongly encourage anyone who has not felt able to disclose information relative to protected characteristic information such as disability to do so through their People XD profile (previously known as Core HR) so that we can institutionally provide the necessary support and enhance the working experience.”


First published: 20 June 2022