Our Service

Our Service

The HR Service at the University consists of a central function headed up by Christine Barr, HR Director and five devolved HR teams within the four Colleges and University Services. The devolved local teams provide HR Business Partner and HR operational support to line managers within their areas of responsibility, and report into the Directors of College Professional Services or, in the case of University Services, the Deputy Secretary of Court.

The central HR team, working closely with the devolved HR teams, have overall responsibility for the People Strategy 2016 and related management/HR policies. Working very closely with local HR teams the service focuses on three strategic themes - Attracting Talent, Supporting Development and Leading Transformation. 

Contact Us

Contact Us

HR staff within the devolved HR teams should be the first point of contact for most people-related matters for line managers and staff.

Contact details for the HR Staff in each College/ University Services, and for the Central HR Teams, can be found below.

There is direct dialing on all extension numbers except those beginning 02 i.e. 0141 330 (extension no.02).

College of Arts

Head of Human Resources Gillian Shaw ext. 7517
HR Adviser Fiona Gehrmann ext. 7502
HR Assistant Lisa Gallagher ext. 7561
Resourcing Coordinator Katie Watters ext. 5024

College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences

Head of Human Resources Fergus Brown ext. 7533
Deputy Head of Human Resources David Tedman ext. 7662

School of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing (with Kathy McCormick)
Institute of Cancer Sciences (with Kathy McCormick)
Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences
 (with Melanie Deighan)

HR Adviser Kathy McCormick ext. 7532

Institute of Cancer Sciences
Institute of Health and Wellbeing 
School of Veterinary Medicine
School of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing

HR Adviser Julia Murphy ext. 2490

Institute of Infection, Inflammation and Immunity
Institute of Molecular Cell & Systems Biology 
Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine

HR Adviser Melanie Deighan ext. 6491

Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences 
School of Life Sciences 
Institute of Neuroscience & Psychology
College Services 

HR Assistant 
Diane McFarlane ext. 4169
HR Assistant Simone Hamid  ext. 3153
HR Administrative Assistant Jennifer Greenshields ext. 7533
HR Administrative Assistant Jessica Mathieson ext. 7662
Resourcing Coordinator Lauren Hughes ext. 1700
Resourcing Coordinator Gary Kyle ext. 1709

College of Science and Engineering

Head of Human Resources Simon Wilson ext. 2720
Senior Human Resources Adviser Angela Loy ext. 4269
Human Resources Assistant Catriona Blair ext. 7483

Computing Science
Maths & Stats

Human Resources Assistant Stephanie Duffy ext. 7506
Physics & Astronomy
Georgraphical & earth Sciences
College office
Resourcing Coordinator Rebecca Vint ext. 3570
Resourcing Coordinator Peter Blyth ext. 3082

College of Social Sciences

Head of Human Resources Lyn Goodenough ext. 2626  
HR Adviser Aileen Porter ext. 1791
School of Education
School of Interdisciplinary Studies
HR Adviser Alison Carroll ext. 1790
School of Social and Political Sciences 
College Office
HR Adviser (Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs) Laura Cunningham ext. 7587
Adam Smith Business School
HR Adviser (Wed/Thur/Fri) Gemma Fullarton ext. 7587
School of Law
HR Assistant Yeeman Fan ext. 4056
HR Administrative Assistant Maria Razaq ext. 4056
Local Resourcing Coordinator (Adam Smith Business School) Rachael Brooks ext. 4056
Local Resourcing Coordinator (All other Schools and College Admin) Erin Dillon ext. 4056

University Services

Head of Human Resources Claire Williamson ext. 4236


Deputy Head of Human Resources Allison Leitch  ext. 4168

Estates & Commercial Services:

  • Construction & Technical Services
  • Strategy Performance & Transformation
  • Property Development & Investment
HR Adviser  Susan Gillan  ext. 6136

Biological Services
Strategy & Planning:

  • Communications & Public Affairs
  • Data Protection & FOI
  • Health Safety & Wellbeing
  • Planning & Business Intelligence
  • Principal & Vice Principal Office
  • Complaints Resolution Office
  • Confucius Institute

External Relations:

  • Development & Alumni
  • Marketing
  • Recruitment and International Office
  • Short Courses
HR Adviser  Susan McGuiness  ext. 3027

Finance Office
Information Services:

  • Library & Collections
  • IT
HR Adviser Yvonne Auld ext. 4230

Student & Academic Services:

  • Careers Service
  • Counselling & Psychological Services
  • Disability Service
  • Interfaith Chaplaincy
  • International Student Support Service
  • Registry
  • Student Lifecycle Support & Development
  • Student Services Enquiry Team
  • Learning Enhancement & Academic Services
  • Senate Office
HR Adviser Kirsty Stevens ext. 4218

Estates & Commercial Services:

  • Facilities (comprising of Cleaning Services, Central Services,
    and Transport Services)
  • Commercial Services (comprising of Accommodation Services, 
  • Conference and Visitor Services, Hospitality Services, Sport)
HR Adviser (Wed, Thur, Fri)  Shireen Moore ext. 2024

Human Resources
Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery
Research Strategy and Innovation Office (including CENSIS)

HR Assistant Vickie Wilson ext. 4610
HR Assistant (Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri) Laura Jolly ext. 3765
HR Assistant Karen Clifford ext. 4726
HR Administrative Assistant  Hannah Wray ext. 4118

Central HR Teams

Central HR Teams

The central Human Resource Teams are based in Tay House at Charing Cross.

Senior Leaders

Director of Human Resources Christine Barr ext. 3148
Deputy Director of Human Resources Richard Claughton ext. 7498
Executive Assistant to Director of Human Resources Laura McCrimmon ext. 4274
Administrative Assistant to the Director & Deputy Director  Clara Patrick ext. 3905


The Recruitment Team provide an end to end recruitment service to hiring managers, managing the process from the point a vacancy is approved, through advertising, shortlisting and interviewing. The team provides professional advice on search and selection including the use of tests and other selection tools.

Head of Strategic Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Martina Cooper ext. 2913
Recruitment Operations Manager Marie Clare Pearse ext. 2990
Senior HR Adviser (Compliance and Internationalisation) Lynne Ramsay ext. 3101
Resourcing Assistant (Professional Services) Kevin Elliott ext. 7625
Resourcing Assistant (Professional Services) Christine Mulligan
ext. 7106
Resourcing Assistant (Academic) Lorraine Hamilton ext. 5855
Resourcing Assistant (Academic) Bill Breslin ext. 3906
Resourcing Assistant (Research) (Mon/Tues/Wed) Philippa Innes ext. 3379
Resourcing Assistant (Research) (Thurs/Fri) Claire Killin ext. 3379
Resourcing Assistant (Research) Jeni Rundell  
Resourcing Support Assistant Caitlin Farquharson ext. 3848
Resourcing Support Assistant Marta Mauri  
Onboarding Team Leader Kim Hill ext. 1882
Onboarding Assistant Morag O’Shaughnessy  
Onboarding Assistant Claire McLaughlin ext. 6415
Onboarding Support Assistant Jade Kilcoyne ext. 2913

Performance, Pay and Reward

PPR is responsible for the University’s policy frameworks and processes relating to performance management, career development and reward. The team oversees the annual PDR (Performance Development Review) process and manages Academic Promotion and job grading activities. They have responsibility for developing and monitoring our pay and benefits practice and policies.

Head of Performance, Pay & Reward Lesley Cummings ext. 8202
Performance, Pay & Reward Lead Fiona Millar ext. 4460
HR Administrator (Wed - Fri) Elison Roberts ext. 2513
HR Administrator Jennifer Condie ext. 2722
HR Administrator (Mon - Wed) Ali Silverstein ext. 2666
HR Support Assistant Kate Dunan ext. 8202

HR System Support

The HR system (Core HR) provides a range of self-service tools to managers and staff. This provides a database for all positions and people feeding business critical processes such as payroll (which is managed by the Finance Service). It also facilitates the booking and recording of leave and sickness absence as well as the workflows underpinning recruitment, the PDR process and the booking and recording of training. The Systems Team is responsible for the management, development and governance of the system and the data and for promoting its use to improve efficiency and decision making processes.

HR Operations Manager Ann Hastings ext. 2710
HR Systems Co-ordinator Aimee Crawford  ext. 7089
HR MI/Data Co-ordinator Lucy McCormack ext. 6520
HR System Support Administrator Audra Mowatt ext. 6161
HR System Support Administrator Emma Jamieson ext. 7091

Employee & Organisational Development

EOD provide advice on all aspects of developing our people. The team works with senior managers and colleagues in HR to develop OD frameworks and deliver appropriate learning and development to support the University Strategy. This includes initiatives such as the Leadership Behavioural Framework, Workforce Planning and support for Early Career Researchers as well as more traditional management and skills training.

Acting Head of Employee and Organisational Development Wendy McAnerney ext. 6975
Organisational Development & Learning Specialist
Monica Smith ext. 4284
Organisational Development Partner Marie-Therese Kelly ext. 3350
Employee & Organisational Development Assessor/Administrator Andrea Miller ext. 3267
Employee & Organisational Development Administrator Stacey Anderson  ext. 6977
Employee & Organisational Development Administrator Elaine Finney  ext. 6810
For general enquiries please email eod@glasgow.ac.uk     

Equality & Diversity Unit

The EDU is responsible for promoting and embedding all aspects of equality and diversity within the University community. Uniquely within the function this covers student matters as well as staff. The team is heavily involved in supporting our commitment to Athena SWAN and similar initiatives as well as taking responsibility for monitoring and publishing a range of equality related data and information.

Equality & Diversity Manager Mhairi Taylor ext. 4714
Equality & Diversity Administrator Janell Kelly ext. 1887 
Gender Equality Officer Katie Farrell ext. 5730

Policy & Communications

Policy & Communications offers support to the central HR teams and wider HR function on employee engagement and policy development.

Communications and Marketing Coordinator Suzie Shapiro ext. 3308
HR Adviser, Employee Relations & Policy  Chris Branney  ext. 7742