New Ways of Working

Published: 17 June 2022

Prof Michael Brady talks about the Enabling New Ways of Working group and pilot in the School of Humanities

As featured in previous editions of MyGlasgow News, a group of colleagues from across the University have been working together as part of the University’s Enabling New Ways of Working (ENWW) group.  

The Enabling New Ways of Working group’s primary aim has been to consider and implement new approaches to our working environment in a way that enables us to live our shared values, develop a more enabling culture, and in so doing enhance staff satisfaction, the student experience, and better fulfil the University’s ambitions.   

Led by Christine Barr, Executive Director of People and Organisational Development, with the support of three strategic theme leads:  Professor Michael Brady – People; Billy Howie – Space; and Peter Mitchell – Technology, the group have been working closely with colleagues across the university on a number of short and long-term actions.   

Prof Brady, Head of School of Humanities, in his capacity as people theme lead talks of the work the group have been doing and the pilot within the School of Humanities.  

Professor Brady shares “We have been consulting widely and have identified significant benefits of hybrid working, while remaining mindful of challenges and concerns of colleagues.  We (the Enabling New Ways of Working group] are guided by a number of working principles, which emphasise supporting choice, providing adequate resources, training and development, and working with the whole University community to foster inclusivity, fairness, and wellbeing.  And so, we believe in empowering colleagues and teams to have an element of choice in selecting the right environment for the nature of the work undertaken to develop and maximise potential.” 

Looking at what’s next for the group, Prof Brady advises “We will present our vision, goals and actions for new ways of working in a ‘manifesto for change’ document to the whole University community. The ‘manifesto for change’ will present what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how everyone in the University can be involved in collective-decision-making. It will emphasise the benefits of hybrid working, look at the challenges, ask some challenging questions, and urge that everyone is involved in answering them.” 

In the meantime, members of the Enabling New Ways of Working group, including Prof Brady, are very happy to talk to anyone about their ways of working proposals, and listen to and respond to ideas, concerns, and suggested pilots. Get in touch by emailing

Find out more about the Enabling New Ways of Working Group on our webpages. 

First published: 17 June 2022