The Learning Innovation Support Unit present the August Upskilling Calendar

Published: 15 July 2022

A range of Upskilling online courses are now available

The Learning Innovation Support Unit have now released their Upskilling calendar for August 2022. This series features a range of online courses focusing on: 

  • Creating multimedia content, including training in Camtasia, Kaltura and multimedia good practice 
  • Active Learning, including training in Mentimeter and Moodle 
  • Digital Creation and Accessibility, including training in Blackboard Ally, live captioning and podcasting 
  • Developing short online courses, including training in MOOCs and microcredentials 

No booking is required and, as always, sessions will be recorded and hosted on Glasgow Anywhere. 

More opportunities for training, upskilling and development. 

First published: 15 July 2022