Recording of Teaching Policy

Published: 12 August 2022

From September, the revised Recording of Teaching Policy will take effect

From September, the revised Recording of Teaching policy will take effect. The policy can be viewed in full via the Senate Office and full guidance for Lead School Timetablers and Teaching Staff is available via Learning Support, including technical support regarding how to use and set-up Echo360 on Moodle. A summary of the key changes is below:

  • By default, all on-campus teaching events categorised as lectures that are timetabled into a room with Echo360 will be recorded. A list of rooms with Echo360 can be viewed via Space Management and Timetabling.
  • The recording will be audio plus slides/visualiser by default. Video may be enabled by contacting the Echo360 team via the helpdesk. Recordings will be made available to students 24 hours after the end of the lecture.
  • Teaching staff may opt-out of lecture recordings by informing their Lead School Timetablers. More information about opting-out can be found in the policy and guidance. We encourage teaching staff to communicate with students which lectures will be recorded and why. Suggested templates for communicating with students about lecture recordings are available via Learning Support.
  • In addition to local communications, students will be contacted centrally and by the SRC regarding lecture recordings to help promote understanding of the new policy and to manage expectations appropriately.

If you have any questions about the recording of your lectures, please contact your Lead School Timetabler. If you have any questions about the policy in general, please contact

First published: 12 August 2022