UofG Professor appointed IOC Chair

Published: 8 September 2022

Professor Sergakis has been elected Chair of the Independent Oversight Committee (IOC) of firm group Best Practice Principles

Professor Konstantinos Sergakis has been elected Chair of the Independent Oversight Committee (IOC) of the global proxy advisory firm group Best Practice Principles, succeeding Dr Stephen Davis (Harvard) from January 2023 on a 3-year term. 

This new position is of the highest importance at a soft law policy making level as the proxy advisory industry is constantly under the spotlight, attracting media and regulatory attention. The IOC Chair’s remit is to coordinate the monitoring of the BPP’s code of conduct, to shape with the other IOC members the code’s future revisions and to liaise with regulators across the globe. Professor Sergakis’ appointment will promote the University at the international level for the next three years.

Professor Konstantinos stated: "I am truly grateful to all IOC members for electing me unanimously as the next IOC Chair and I look forward to leading policy-making activities at international level in this area."

"Leading the oversight and policy-making function at the international level in the area of proxy advisory firms as a UK-based academic contributes further to the University’s visibility and global outreach in non-academic areas, benefitting market actors and the entire financial community affected by the activities of such firms."

More information on the IOC of Best Practice Principles:


First published: 8 September 2022