Course Materials Policy 2021-22

The Course Materials Policy for 2021-22 has been approved by the Library Committee. 

Key points: 

  • The Library will look to purchase electronic copies of all texts marked Essential and Suggested for Student Purchase, where available to purchase and financially achievable. 
  • To support this, we are no longer purchasing recommended and further readings, instead asking colleges to utilise our existing stock which we have increased substantially in the last 12 months, with a particular focus on e-books and e-book collections.  
  • Academic staff should investigate suitable existing electronic content in collaboration with College Librarians. 
  • The Library will purchase print copies of Essential and Suggested for Student Purchase items where no e-version/alternative e-version exists. 
  • To allow us to satisfy demand, colleges should advise the Reading Lists @ Glasgow service in advance where open book exams will take place. 

Reading Lists @ Glasgow service 

The Reading Lists @ Glasgow service is here to support academic staff in ensuring that essential teaching materials for courses are made available to students. The service helps ensure that the use of online lists meets the requirements of the University’s Accessible and Inclusive Learning Policy. 

More information about the service is available at Reading Lists @ Glasgow and you can contact the team by email: 

To ensure that adequate time is given to acquire resources please try to get lists, or request list reviews, to the team six weeks before courses start. 

First published: 20 August 2021