Financial wellness

Published: 18 January 2021

Financial services available to colleagues through staff benefits

Financial wellness is something many staff are considering at this time of year and, as part of our commitment to financial wellbeing, the University is working with two external providers to assist colleagues in this matter. 


Neyber is a provider of financial employee benefits, offering you a fair and responsible way to borrow money at a preferential rate in order to manage and/or consolidate any existing personal debts.

Additionally, Neyber have many articles and webinars regarding financial wellbeing which can be accessed on their website regardless of whether you are a customer. 


In addition to Neyber, staff may be able to benefit from services supplied by the Scotwest Credit Union through our staff benefits agreement.  Scotwest Credit Union is one of the largest credit unions in the UK, which provides ethical, competitive and fair financial services.

Scotwest offers a range of affordable loans, mortgages and savings accounts (including Unsecured Loans, Fast £500 Express Loan and Christmas Savings Account).  

Colleagues may also be interested in forthcoming webinars available on both the Neyber and Scowest websites on issues such as: 'How to break the money taboo:  Easy ways to get ahead financially' and 'Women and Wealth – covering the disproportionate amount of people with money worries are women.' 

Full details of these services and all benefits available to staff can be found on the Financial Health and Wellbeing webpages. And there is more information on benefits pages found in the Performance Pay and Reward web pages.

Please note, The University of Glasgow does not gain directly or indirectly financially from this, nor does it endorse or guarantee any of the goods or services offered on these pages. Taking up any of these offers has to be at your own discretion and will be your responsibility.


First published: 18 January 2021