Financial Health & Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing From Salary Finance

Money can be complicated, and for that reason many of us don’t like to think about it. Salary Finance is an employee benefit that could help you worry less about money by making it simple.

 Salary Finance offers:

  • Money insights: a range of tips and videos as well as tools for budgeting and saving to help make money simple.
  • Loans repaid through salary: Loans at affordable rates with higher acceptance than banks. A lower-rate loan could help you save money by paying off more expensive debt or allow you to pay less interest if you need to borrow money for a car, home improvement or unexpected expense. 
  • The loan APR range is 5.9%-29.9% APR.  The representative (fixed) APR is 13.9% APR.

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Important: This is an option, not a recommendation. The University of Glasgow does not benefit from offering this service and all your communications will be with Salary Finance. Loan applications will be assessed to ensure the loan is appropriate and affordable for you. “Learn” content is for guidance and educational purposes only and is generic in nature. Salary Finance does not offer regulated financial advice. Please seek independent financial advice.


Scotwest Credit Union

Scotwest Credit Union is one of the largest credit unions in the UK, existing to provide ethical, competitive and fair financial services to anyone that lives or works in the West of Scotland area.

Scotwest offers loans, mortgages and savings accounts and Christmas saving accounts to members. The products are similar to those of banks; however Scotwest is a financial mutual and therefore is owned by its members with the money and profits from the company staying within the membership and not going external shareholders.

Find out more about how you can save and borrow with Scotwest through your University of Glasgow payroll.

Further information can be found on Scotwest FAQ's


Social Justice secretary Shona Robison is backing a campaign to increase uptake of saving  schemes under a new Work and Save-Scotland banner.

Here’s a link to her speaking in the Herald about it recently: