Add and share your pronouns on Zoom

Zoom now offers the option to add your preferred pronouns to your user profile.

To add your pronouns, you need to be using Zoom version 5.7.0 or higher. You can check for updates by clicking your profile picture in the Zoom desktop client.

What are pronouns?

Words used to refer to people talking (I or you), or someone or something that is being talked about (she, he, it, them, and they).

Often people tend to think "he/him" refers to a man or a boy, and "she/her" refers to a woman or a girl, as these pronouns are gendered in the English language. People also tend to make assumptions about someone's gender based on their appearance or name. However, these assumptions are not always correct. 

How do I add pronouns to my Zoom profile?

Sign into the Zoom web portal and click Profile. On the right side of your name click Edit. Enter your preferred pronouns into the Pronouns field, then choose whether you want your pronouns to be automatically visible in meetings.

Why add pronouns to my Zoom profile?

Sharing your preferred pronouns helps to normalise an action that makes it easier for transgender and non-binary members of our community to express themselves. It also helps other people feel confident that they are addressing you as you wish them to.  Another benefit of using pronouns and encouraging them is that it can help when someone has a name with which we are not familiar.  

First published: 12 July 2021