New Lab for Academic Culture

Published: 14 December 2020

A new hub will enhance research and teaching culture

This week, UofG is launching a new Lab for Academic Culture. The lab aims to enhance academic research and teaching culture by implementing local initiatives and shaping sector policies.

For several years we have implemented a programme of activities to advance the research culture at the University, from embedding collegiality in promotion criteria to developing an action plan for supporting the career development of researchers. This plan recently received recognition in the Guardian University Awards 2020. 

Our aim is to create an environment that recognises and rewards different contributions and research outputs, that meets the highest standards of academic rigour, and in which colleagues support the career of others. A good culture is one that allows colleagues to succeed in their chosen career.

However, these values equally apply to teaching. It sometimes feels like there is a gap in the institution between learning & teaching and research, and differences in perception of how such activities are valued; however, we know that these two activities are inextricably linked in how many colleagues carry out their day-to-day activities, with collegiality and support for the careers of others being evidenced in all dimensions of work.

We are launching the lab to bring discussion of culture and environment in research and teaching together, and to work on projects to improve academic culture in our organisation and, by collaborating with other institutions and with funders, to drive consistent improvements across higher education.

UofG Research Culture Lab

First published: 14 December 2020