Concordat for Career Development of Researchers

In May 2020, the University of Glasgow signed up to the Concordat for Career Development of Researchers.

The Concordat sets out expectations, roles and responsibilities for PIs, Researchers, the University and funders. It replaces our previous UofG Code of Practice for the Management of Researchers and we expect all PIs, Researchers and other staff members with responsibility for supporting researchers to refer to the Concordat directly for guidance.

Development of a UofG action plan for Concordat implementation

Our ambition is to provide a world class environment to support our 1300+ researchers in their career development. Since the launch of the Concordat in 2008, we have seen increased support for researchers including the introduction of our Postdoctoral Researcher Forum and events such as the annual conference or regular postdoc careers lunches (in addition to our careers adviser for researchers).  However, we know that there are still barriers to researchers feeling able to make progress with their career development. Through consultation with our research community and Postdoctoral Forum over 2019/20, we produced the action plan below. 

UofG Careers Concordat Action Plan 2020

This is one strand of activity within the University's wider Research Culture action plan, which promotes a positive culture, where all contributions are recognised and colleagues support each other to succeed. 

Our work to deliver on the Concordat will be led by Prof Miles Padgett, alongside the University’s Research Culture and Careers group, the Postdoctoral Researcher Forum and the four Research Deans. Signing up to the Concordat also commits the University to working in partnership with the sector (including funding bodies) to address systemic issues such as longer term job security for researchers and tracking of career destinations. 

Key contact for Concordat implementation: Elizabeth Adams, Researcher Development Manager


What are our expecations for PIs and Researchers?
The UofG action plan sets out institutional actions. However, implementing the Concordat is a shared responsibility and we expect all parties to read it and reflect on their own roles and responsibilities. In particular, over 2020/21, we are asking PIs to consider how they support the careers of others and encourage a culture of CPD.  

How are we consulting and involving ECRs in implementation?
We make use of survey data (e.g. Research Culture survey, Athena Swan and any Covid-mitigation surveys), the Postdoctoral Researcher Forum and both University-wide and local consultations (through research committees, ECR forums or other meetings). Please contact Elizabeth Adams if you'd like to input to the Concordat implementation, or discuss with your College contacts on the Research Culture and Careers Group
July update on Concordat implementation and how you can get involved (90 second film on youtube)


Historical info on HR Excellence Award
From 2010-18 the University's progress with Concordat implementation has led to the award of the European HR Excellence in Research Award. The documentation to support the award can still be viewed here but this will be superseded by the new Concordat action plan and process.