Work on University Avenue

Published: 7 February 2020

Next phases will resurface entrace to Wolfson Medical Building.

Over the next few months, work will intensify on University Avenue to enable us to complete the phases of  the redevelopment necessary for it to serve the new James McCune Smith Learning Hub on opening, creating a more attractive and accessible environment for people on-campus.

In addition to our Campus Development works, SGN – which operates Scotland’s gas network – has recently announced plans to undertake mains replacement works along the length of University Avenue.

Whilst this additional work will interface with the University’s contractors, and the University has been in contact with SGN to coordinate the programmes, it is being managed by SGN and is not part of our development of the campus.

University Place & University Avenue redevelopments

Between now and the summer, work will continue on the redevelopment of University Place and University Avenue with the project reaching some key milestones.

Please see the full phasing of works for more details. 

This week work will begin on resurfacing the area outside the Wolfson Medical Building to construct a new accessible pedestrian-friendly zone, due to be completed in July.

Access to the Wolfson Medical Building through the front door will be maintained throughout this period via barriered pedestrian routes. The route in and out will change to suit the sequence of the works.

During this period, University Place will remain open to traffic, although the route will be barriered and only accessible to staff, upon presentation of a staff card, or for residents. Additionally, access for emergency services, any special drop off or pick up needs, NHS Pharmacy decommissioning, maintenance etc. will be maintained.

As part of the redevelopment, cycle parking is being removed temporarily from outside the Wolfson Medical Building, with further racks being located outside the Bower Building.

While this work is taking place, our contractors will also be completing Phase Four of the University Avenue redevelopment, resurfacing the Avenue and creating a new, wider pedestrian pavement area and the new crossing outside the James McCune Smith Learning Hub. The new crossing will be opened in the autumn aligned with the JMS opening and temporary crossing facilities will remain in position until then.

SGN works

This work will involve digging trenches at points along University Avenue through which to pull new pipes. Both traffic and pedestrian access will be unaffected throughout these works.

This work will be phased, with Phases 1 & 2 - which take place on the stretch of Avenue between the junction with University Place and the top of the hill - running between 10 February and the end of the month.

Phase 3, which takes place between the Main Gate and the junction with Kelvin Way, is planned to start on 24 Feb and run for approximately 10 days.

First published: 7 February 2020