Traffic and new pedestrian crossing

A one-way system will remain in operation around the University’s Main Building, following the completion of the new pedestrian crossing.

Under this arrangement, the Main Gate remains closed to vehicles. Pearce Lodge will continue to be entry-only, with Dumbarton Gate an entry/exit point.

Please ensure you are familiar with the traffic systems on campus ahead of the campus becoming busier.

Please also note that the new crossing point at the Main Gate operates slightly differently to the old system. It is now standard that Glasgow City Council do not install audible systems at signalised junctions for safety reasons, instead a green man will be displayed.

Tactile paving is installed on the footway at each crossing point and tactile cones are installed under each pedestrian push button (which rotate for the first five seconds of the green man) to assist the visually impaired.

There is short delay between the traffic signal turning red and the green man displaying. Again, this is a feature decided on by Glasgow City Council to ensure safety for pedestrians using the crossing point.

The University will continue to monitor all aspects of traffic management and make recommendations to our constructions partners and Glasgow City Council on how these can be improved where appropriate.

Please contact with any comments.

First published: 16 September 2019