James Watt bicentenary celebrations

As part of the University of Glasgow’s James Watt bicentenary celebrations for 2019, two events on Wednesday, 5 June, will explore the opportunities and challenges for Engineering and its role in shaping the future. 

James Watt video

The James Watt Symposium is a non-specialist, one-day event with speakers from academia, industry and the public sector presenting on a broad range of topics including artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, space technology, bioengineering, healthcare, water resources and energy systems. The event will appeal to staff, researchers and graduate students from across University.

Professor Frank Coton, Vice Principal (Academic & Educational Innovation), said: “In this, the 200th anniversary of James Watt’s death, we’re proud to be holding the James Watt Symposium as part of our year-long celebration of his life and contribution to society.

“James Watt’s pioneering work at the University on improving the Newcomen steam engine played a vital role in kickstarting the modern world. Two centuries later, his spirit of invention is alive and well on the University’s campus and we’re looking forward to showcasing some of the most exciting developments in modern engineering at the James Watt Symposium.”

Following the Symposium, the Royal Society of Edinburgh/Royal Academy of Engineering James Watt Lecture will explore the role of technological and societal grand challenges in shaping the future of Engineering.


James Watt Bicentenary Symposium
Opportunities and Challenges for 21st Century Engineering
Keynotes: Professor Gordon Masterton (Univ. Edinburgh), Professor Steve Furber (Univ. Manchester)



Royal Society of Edinburgh/Royal Academy of Engineering James Watt Lecture
Inspiration and Innovation: The Role of Grand Challenges
Professor Dame Ann Dowling, President, Royal Academy of Engineering




James Watt Bicentenary Events and News


First published: 10 May 2019