Keeping safe on our campuses

We want to ensure that everyone using our campuses feels safe and secure at all times.

We are encouraging staff and students to download the SafeZone app, which has been developed for the University and offers a range of information and safety features.

The main functions of the SafeZone App:

  • The red button is for emergencies; it shares your location with the Security team so they can find and assist you as quickly as possible. If you are not on-campus the app gives you the option to call 999 and will also alert the Security team.
  • The green button is for first aid if you or someone around you needs medical assistance.
  • The blue button is for general enquiries if you have any questions or need help in a non-emergency situation.

We do have thorough safety measures in place across the University’s campuses and our buildings are all regularly checked, however we are still seeing lower occupancy in some buildings than pre-pandemic, so having the SafeZone app on your phone adds an extra level of protection, particularly if you are working alone.

If you are working on-campus alone, or in an area with lower occupancy, you should ensure colleagues are aware of where you are and, managers should ensure they are aware of which colleagues are working on-campus. Please refer to the University SEPS webpage on lone working for  more information.

First published: 13 October 2021