Research integrity: where to go for advice?

Published: 24 October 2016

Together we are building a culture to support research integrity - find out about resources and local contacts.

  • Where can you get advice on what constitutes authorship? 
  • Your postdoc is leaving the university and wants to take their data with them - would you know what to advise? 
  • How can you avoid pitfalls regarding responsibilities in large collaborative projects?

The University has collated a suite of research integrity resources to help you with issues like these.

As a research-led institution, the University of Glasgow is committed to providing an environment that ensures our research is conducted to the highest quality standards. Central to this commitment is the development of an environment that recognises and supports research excellence. 

When embarking on a new research collaboration, or taking on new staff or students who may be lacking in experience in these areas, it is important to ensure that everyone has the same expectations for good research practice.

The research integrity resources include:

  • Resources, support and advice on each area of conduct, including academic writing, publication, intellectual property, and international collaboration.
  • Short training workshops with practical advice for staff and students on topics like data management and good publication practice.
  • Research integrity advisers and champions in your School / Institute and College, who can help you navigate your way through thorny issues and avoid potential conflicts and problems further down the line.

As well as taking a look yourself, please encourage new staff and students to take the time to go through these resources, and to attend relevant training.

If you have any suggestions for additional resources please get in touch:

Together we are building a culture to support research integrity: read about our activities and investigations in the Annual Statement on Research Integrity 2015-2016.

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First published: 24 October 2016

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