'Smart Cards' on the way

Published: 9 February 2016

Could your smart phone be your University ID card one day soon? VIDEO

Image of a University ID card for Adam SmithThe University has commissioned a project to procure a new, 'smart card' system that will eventually replace the University identity cards which all staff and students will be familiar with.

The technical term being used is a 'unified physical access control system': it would manage access to buildings across the University estate including the library and sports facilities.

As well as improving access to buildings on campus (with the guiding principle of the campus being open and accessible), the project will introduce multi-functional Smart Cards to replace the existing staff and student ID cards. The timetable for this will be determined as part of a consultation exercise once the new solution has been procured. The new cards will be distributed to all 25,000+ students and 7,000 staff and will have the capability of unlocking additional card applications.

Watch an interview with Professor Frank Coton, Vice-Principal (Academic and Educational Innovation)

MP4 Video

The system will contribute to new campus developments by enabling innovative technologies in access control and space management such as proximity chip sensors and exploiting smartphone capabilities to provide new services.

The project team has completed a requirements gathering exercise that has involved interviews with representatives from across the Colleges and University Services. The next stage of the project is to use these requirements to help shape the new solution being procured.

In addition to improvements to personal safety and security on campus, the project aims to include other benefits. The project team is reminding Colleges, Schools, Research Institutes and professional service departments that they must get advice from the University’s Campus Security team when considering the introduction of new security arrangements including the purchase of any new, local, physical access control systems.

If you feel you can contribute any ideas or suggestions to the project, please get in touch with the team by email at: it-project-id-card@glasgow.ac.uk

First published: 9 February 2016