Done your equality and diversity training?

Issued: Tue, 02 Feb 2016 06:20:00 GMT

If you work for the UofG have you completed your Equality and Diversity Essentials Training? More than half of your colleagues have.

The University's Senior Management Group has decided to make the course mandatory and if you haven't done the online module, you have until 31 March to tackle it.

The course doesn't take long and it's a useful reminder about what the law says and how to deal with negative stereotypes and prejudices. The course also promotes diversity. It has practical application to the workplace and how we work with students.

In an increasing international and diverse University this training is essential for us all.

To access the training visit Equality & Diversity

In addition to the mandatory Equality and Diversity Essentials course, there is a very practical Managing Diversity course for managers. This is strongly recommended for anyone tasked with leading colleagues.

For further information or questions about the training, please contact the Equality and Diversity Unit: