Share a journey this festive season

Published: 5 December 2016

This Christmas, why not save money AND reduce your carbon footprint, with the University of Glasgow JourneyShare System.

Holidays are coming and you’re probably starting to plan your journey back home. Driving home alone can be boring and expensive, and it’s bad for the environment too: more cars on the road means more congestion, more pollution, and more fuel being consumed.

This Christmas, why not save money AND reduce your carbon footprint?

Try the University of Glasgow JourneyShare System: it's part of SPT JourneyShare and LiftShare, the largest car-share network in the UK.

UofG JourneyShare is a platform where you can offer and share one-off trips or regular journeys, making your travel more efficient and lower carbon. When you find a journey match, simply make contact and arrange to meet, and soon you’ll have a travel partner. Car-share travel costs are split between the person offering the lift and the person looking for a lift, so you both get a good deal.

By sharing journeys you will be saving money, as well as helping to preserve air quality and reduce emissions. Regular commuters can even save up to £1000 a year. Use the travel calculator to find out how much you could save.

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Safe travels and happy holidays!

UofG JourneyShare System: driving home for Christmas? Don't do it alone. Save money and fuel, share a ride.

First published: 5 December 2016