Online accident reporting

It is University policy that all work-related accidents are reported timeously. This includes personal injuries, near-miss incidents that happen at work, work related ill-health, road traffic accidents during working time and all acts of violence or aggression while at work, writes Portia Lamb, Safety Adviser.

From the 1 August 2016, the Safety Environmental Protection Service (SEPS) have introduced an online accident reporting form.

The aim of the online form is to ensure that reporting is more accessible and user friendly for all University staff, students and even members of the public. It also allows line managers and Safety Coordinators to be informed in real time of any accidents and enable them to take prompt remedial actions.

The online form will also be beneficial for recording work-related injuries that occur off-site.  In addition to completing the electronic form, please ensure that the incident is reported to a responsible person on that site e.g. Manager, Supervisor.

Visit Report an incident online

A Microsoft Word version of the accident form is still available for download on our website, if required.

For further information, please contact SEPS on 5532 

First published: 30 August 2016

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