Principal’s Early Career Mobility Scheme now open

Professor David Fearn, International Dean for North America, has announced that the Principal’s Early Career Mobility Scheme will run again this academic session. This is the scheme’s fifth year.

Funded by the Principal, the aim of the scheme is to strengthen partnership working with Columbia, Hong Kong, and McGill universities, and to enhance research collaborations. These strategic partners all fund complementary schemes, sending PhD students, postdocs and other early career staff to Glasgow.

New for 2016-17

The scheme continues to support our PhD students and post-doctoral researchers. This session we are delighted to announce that the scheme has been extended to include early career staff. Please note that such candidates must be within 5 years of their first permanent appointment at the deadline for applications, and hold a full-time academic post at the University of Glasgow.

Providing opportunities

Last session, the University of Glasgow approved twenty one applications (10 for McGill, 6 for Columbia, and 5 for Hong Kong). All of last year’s recipients have commented favourably on the scheme, stressing the value it has added to their current research, as well as the opportunities it has provided for future collaborations.

Professor Fearn commented that it has been particularly satisfying to note that the UoG candidates who received funding over the last four years have represented a broad range of disciplines from across the University – something that we would like to see replicated this year.

Please note that applicants must develop a clear case, setting out details of the proposed visit, the amount required, as well as a clear explanation of how the money would be used, bearing in mind that a primary criterion in the selection of applications will be the potential for development of collaborations between research groups, leading to joint publications and future joint research funding. The total amount requested should be less than £5,000, as no single award will exceed this amount

For full details about the fund - including details regarding eligibility and how to apply - visit Principal’s Early Career Mobility Scheme

Applications must be submitted by Friday 14 October 2016.

First published: 29 August 2016

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