Transforming University Cultures: a fresh look at the Stirling Maxwell Collection

Who was Stirling Maxwell?

Introducing the Stirling Maxwell Collection

About the University Library and the Collections

The Library of the University of Glasgow has been accumulated since 1475. Generations of staff, students and alumni have contributed to what is considered as one of Europe’s greatest academic libraries. The interests and views of previous generations are clearly reflected in the collections today. However the University today is a more diverse community than ever before. Do the collections, and the systems in place to access the collections, reflect who we are today?

History is the study of the past to help us to understand our society today. Our knowledge and understanding is built on the views of previous generations. By understanding how the University acquired the Stirling Maxwell Collection, we understand something of how Scottish society operated in the past. With that knowledge, we are better able to make decisions about how we move forward in the future.