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Archives & Special Collections are the custodians of the University of Glasgow’s Stirling Maxwell Collection. These pages only scratch the surface of the possibilities for collections research and teaching options that are available.

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These pages provide context about the Stirling Maxwell Collection and why it was mentioned in the History of Slavery Steering Group Report as one of the ways the University profited from slavery in the Caribbean.

It has been developed in support of the Understanding Racism, Transforming University Cultures report to create a space to inspire critical reflection on what it means to the University to be custodian of such an important collection.

A more detailed version of this site is also available in Moodle for those with a University login. It contains community discussion boards and downloadable content for use in teaching and learning.

Stirling Maxwell and Glasgow

The influence and legacies of Sir William Stirling Maxwell, and of the Stirling and Maxwell families can still be discovered. There are many ways to explore:

About the issues raised

These pages cover themes of racism and exclusion. Although a challenging read for all, this resource may be particularly difficult for those who have experienced racism or harassment. If you require support relating to the themes of the resource, please visit:

or contact the University’s race equality champion: