Developing an Inclusive Community at University of Glasgow Library

The University of Glasgow Library aims to create an environment where all staff and students are welcome and included, regardless of protected characteristics (including age, sex, sexual orientation, disabilities, race, religion or belief and gender reassignment) as defined by the Equality Act 2010.

People should feel they are represented in our collections, study spaces and exhibitions and that UofG Library is their library where discriminatory attitudes and behaviour are not tolerated.

We aim to develop an inclusive community. This is in alignment with and supported by the following:

Inappropriate terminology statement

When searching the collections you may discover items which contain inappropriate, outdated, or offensive terminology in either the content or descriptions. This terminology is often not changed or updated in our catalogues as it demonstrates the attitudes and language contemporary to the creation or description of the item.

It does not reflect the current attitudes of University of Glasgow Library.

If you would like to discuss any specific examples with us, please contact us.