Where can I learn more/ get help with approaching AI in my teaching?

The university will actively seek to support the digital literacy skills of both staff and students in the area of AI. Over the coming months, the AI Innovation SharePoint pages will be developed to host examples of good practice, while also acting as central site to distribute information, and advise on developments and upskilling sessions. Further information on how AI can be used within research will be provided through the Research Office. Colleagues from the Learning Innovation Support Unit (LISU) and Academic and Digital Development (ADD) will be offering various staff development opportunities, spanning all aspects of AI, from prompt engineering, to integrating AI into learning and teaching and assessment, and how to critically evaluate AI and its usage. The Student Learning Development team will also be issuing further guidance to students in the coming weeks regarding use of AI in the classroom and in assessment.

Staff and students will be able to access content such as the AI MOOC, delivered by the School of Computing Science, that will be available for all staff and students to undertake. Further curated content from LinkedIn Learning, Coursera and FutureLearn will also be made available to both groups.