Is text-based AI the only thing I need to worry about?

Text-based AI tools such as ChatGPT are only part of a wider AI eco-system that can be deployed to generate content. Some examples include ‘DALL-E’ and ‘MidJourney’ for image creation, and ‘Supercreator AI’ and ‘D-ID’ for video. Whilst text generative AI is likely to have the largest impact on learning and teaching and assessment because written assessment is so predominant, we must be alert to tools that can be used to generate alternative types of content, such as video, slide decks, image/poster creation and podcasts. It is important that staff are aware that AI can now generate (to a very high standard) these types of outputs with minimal prompting. Nonetheless guidance provided in the section on how you can adapt your assessment can help you consider appropriate use of these assessment types.