College Ethics Committee

College Ethics Committee

*** Please note both chairs of the CSE Ethics Committee, Dr Scheepers and Proferssor Barsalou, will be on annual leave from July 25 until August 10.   As we are unable to put alternative arrangements in place during this time, please consider this with regards to the expected timing of ethics application decisions***

***New fast track application procedure available for extensions/renewals and low-risk research proposals. Please see Operating Procedures for further details*** 

The University of Glasgow requires ethical review of all non-clinical research involving human subjects, whether undertaken by University staff, students or by external researchers using University facilities or participants.  The University's ethics web pages include guidance on matters relating to any research involving human subjects, tissue or data.

The College Ethics Committee is responsible for maintaining effective procedures for ensuring good ethics in research within the College.  It is responsible for the approval of ethics applications after consideration of ethical issues arising from non-clinical research involving human subjects, human material or data or to provide a written explanation as to why such procedures are considered to be unnecessary for any such research.
The College Ethics Commitee reports to the University Ethics Committee and, where appropriate, may raise questions that arise out of applications for  ethical approval that have broader implications for the University and therefore require a deeper consideration.   The University Ethics Committee consider Appeals against decisions made by the College Ethics Committees, but only once the local  procedure for resolving difficulties has been exhausted.

Access the web-based Research Ethics System for both staff and student ethics applications.  This system has been developed in conjunction with all College ethics committee convenors and provides audited approval of College ethics applications along with automatic notifications to applicants and reviewers. It enables staff to submit their applications directly to the College of Science and Engineering Ethics Committee. It also allows students to upload their ethics application documents and submit them directly to their supervisors, who can then submit the completed applications to the College Ethics Committee for review.  Read further information for applicants.

The University requires that all research involving human data or material is subject to formal ethical review. To comply with these regulations, the College has appointed a College Ethics Officer and an Ethics Committee to assess all non-clinical research projects.

For further details on the Glasgow University ethics policies, including regulations regarding clinical / NHS-related research, insurance issues (e.g. in relation to research conducted abroad) etc., please refer to the: University Ethics web-pages.

For information and assistance regarding the College Ethics Committee, please contact

Non-clinical research applications should be submitted online and will normally receive consideration within a two week period (depending on workload, return times may increase).  The more biomedical applications from Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics & Astronomy should be submitted to the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences' Ethics Committee. 


Committee membership

Dr Christoph Scheepers Psychology, Chair
Professor Lawrence Barsalou Psychology, Chair
Mrs Evelyn Love Clerk
Dr Peter Uhlhaas Psychology
Professor Simon Garrod Psychology
Dr Christian Keitel Psychology
Dr Anne Keitel Psychology
Dr Domenica Veniero Psychology
Dr Philip McAleer Psychology
Dr Sara Sereno Psychology
Professor Joemon Jose Computing Science
Mr Callum Kay External Member
Dr Hester Parr Geographical and Earth Sciences
Dr Julie Williamson Computing Science 

Dr Mary Ellen Foster

Computing Science

Dr Henrik Gollee


Dr Aleksandra Vuckovic


Dr Vincent Macaulay


Dr Margaret Martin 


Dr Marios Philiastides


Dr Maria Gardani


Dr Linda Moxey


Dr Christos Anagnostopoulos

Computing Science 
Dr Ke Yuan Computing Science 
Mr Euan Freeman Computing Science
Dr Matthew Barr Computing Science
Dr Dong Bach Vo Computing Science