Awareness training course

IT systems and the information they hold have become critical to the operation of the University, as well as many other aspects of everyday life. At the same time, there are multiple risks to their security, threatening the confidentiality, integrity, privacy and availability of information and systems. The more you are aware of these risks, the more you can do to keep everyone's data safe. You can also avoid falling victim to scams designed to steal your personal data and, in some cases, your money.

UofG have developed a free online course for all students and staff, highlighting current threats and providing practical advice on how to avoid them.

The course takes about an hour to complete, and is divided into short sections so can you can spread it over several days if you prefer.

Please note

  • The course does not work in the Microsoft Edge browser: access it through Chrome or Firefox.
  • When the first window opens, it may help to resize this up to the full size of your screen.
  • It may take a few seconds for the content to appear at first, but once you get started, things should be quick.

Take the Information Security Awareness course in Moodle