Origins & beliefs


Humanism is a diverse movement with ancient roots that reflects the views of millions of people around the world, the outcome of a long tradition of free thought.

It is a coherent moral and ethical standpoint independent of religion, an ethical way of life that comes from within all of us, which extends to all people, irrespective of their chosen life styles or personal decisions and views, that most fundamental of welcomes which assures them of fairness, compassion and tolerance.


Humanism is a belief in the advancement and understanding of humanity through its own efforts.

Human Rights law is important to all humanist organisations globally, they endorse the principles of humanitarian ideals that are enshrined in such declarations, covenants and conventions, as well as universal initiatives which promote the peaceful co-habitation of all the world’s people, especially through the United Nations.

Essentially, its beliefs and fundamental principles are embodied in The Amsterdam Declaration 2002.

Customs & worship

Customs and practices:

Customs and practices are determined on a personal basis with the foundations of reason, experience and compassion at the centre.

Registered Humanist Celebrants do conduct non-religious ceremonies to observe life rites (eg birth, coming of age, marriage, death) and other public and private occasions.

Places of worships:

The term worship is not relevant to Humanism.

Humanists meet regularly in all main centres of population to talk, learn and share ideas, to debate, discuss and campaign on social and moral issues, and to socialise and celebrate life and significant events.


Main festivals:

Humanists celebrate rites of passage; they may observe commonly taken holidays and may incline towards nature-based celebrations. Many Humanists now celebrate Darwin Day on 12 February.

Concerns of the Ccommunity:

Humanists aim to create an open and inclusive society, and so campaign for a secular state and for secular education.

Most importantly its main concern is that peace, harmony and sustainability can and must prevail on earth by human will and effort, and that this can only be via conscious collective means at this point in our evolution.