Religions & beliefs

The University of Glasgow celebrates and values the diversity of its students, staff and visitors and aims to create an environment where the cultural, religious and non-religious or similar philosophical beliefs of all are respected.

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Religions & beliefs I - Q

The University's Inclusion Calendar

Download the Inclusion Calendar 2019-20

Created by the Equality and Diversity Unit, the Inclusion Calendar is a useful guide to key University and SRC dates as well as marking days with special significance for faiths and beliefs, along with national and international celebrations and commemorations.

This year the calendar has been re-titled as the Inclusion Calendar and each month has a different focus; from recognising inspiring women past and present, highlighting the work of our Widening Participation team and spotlighting a recently formed Student Society, to celebrating the Modern Apprenticeship programme, our BSL Action Plan and LGBT History Month.

We hope you find this year's calendar useful and enjoy the content.