Jebb Collection

This collection comprises some 180 volumes from the library of the Greek scholar Sir Richard Claverhouse Jebb (1841-1905). In a distinguished academic career, Jebb was lecturer of classics at Trinity College Cambridge (1863-1875), Professor of Greek at the University of Glasgow (1875-1889), and  Regius Professor of Greek at the University of Cambridge (1889-1905). His publications included many textbooks and editions of classical authors, as well as collections of translations into Greek and Latin verse, but his greatest contribution to Greek scholarship was his edition of Sophocles; the first volume Oedipus Tyrannus appeared in 1883, and was followed by a succession of further works - Oedipus Coloneus (1885), Antigone (1888), Philoctetes (1890), Trachiniæ  (1892), Electra (1894), and Ajax (1896).

As is to be expected, the collection here comprises mainly of books of Sophoclean literature. Many of the volumes bear important manuscript annotations in Jebb's hand. The collection was purchased from The Cambridge Magazine per C.K. Ogden in 1918. Accompanying the collection is some miscellaneous manuscript material including class rolls from Greek classes and scrapbooks (containing results of examinations, prize-lists, University notices etc) compiled by Jebb during his time at Glasgow University.

How to find material from the Jebb Collection

  • To find printed items, browse through a list of titles or use the rare books search (NB: although most of Jebb's library has now been catalogued in a separate Jebb sequence, some volumes were transferred to Special Collections at an earlier stage and were given the standard shelf-mark 'RB')
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