Bruce Collection

Some 1400 stereoscopic glass photographic negatives made by William Speirs Bruce (1867-1921) on expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic between 1899 and 1914.

The negatives include images from :

  • the Prince of Monaco's Arctic expedition on 'Princesse Alice', 1899
  • the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition on 'Scotia', 1902-1904
  • the Scottish Arctic Expedition on 'Conqueror', 1909

Locations portrayed include:

  • Ascension Island
  • South Africa
  • the Falkland Islands
  • the South Orkney Islands
  • Spitzbergen, Norway
  • the Monaco Museum

The title and date are inscribed on most plates, probably by Bruce; numbers were added by a different hand in an arrangement by subject which does not retain the chronological sequence in which the photographs were taken.

Included with the collection are albumen contact prints from some negatives and some positive glass plates.

Access to the original negatives is restricted owing to their fragility. Any photographs from the Bruce collection displayed on the Special Collections website have been produced digitally by the University's photographic unit from the negatives and are not available as original positives. 

Please note that access to original photographic material is now strictly by appointment only and requires a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. Also some fragile items may be restricted for preservation. Please contact the Special Collections Reading Room: 0141 330 6767 or


How to find material from the Bruce collection