Searching for bindings, annotations, insertions, presentation inscriptions etc

These are described in the notes of the records. Just use the default rare books search to retrieve this information, typing your keyword/s into the “Any field” boxes:

  • You can combine search terms and phrases, but starting simply is advised.
  • Search to show a list of results with brief details.
  • From this list, choose the title of any book that you want to see the copy specific details of.
  • A brief record will be displayed first. To see the copy specific details, choose the Full Record tab.
  • The copy specific details will now be displayed, along with other notes and information about the book.
  • Your search terms will be highlighted in red.

Commonly used copy specific terms in University of Glasgow records

Remember that you are relying on matching up the search terms you use with the way the copy specific details have been described in the records. Try different search terms.

The following terms/phrases are a guide to the terminology that we have used in cataloguing the books, so try searching with these to start with: 

  • Binding
    • blind stamped
    • armorial stamp
    • gold tooled
    • fillets
    • (leather): calf; morocco; sheep; pigskin
    • vellum
    • clasp
    • embroidered
  • Binder's ticket/stamp
  • Marbled endpapers
  • Doublures 
  • Marbled fore-edge
  • Fore-edge title
  • Fore-edge painting
  • Manuscript waste
  • Manuscript fragment
  • Printer’s waste
  • Bookplate
  • Book label
  • Book stamp
  • Manuscript foliation
  • Manuscript signatures
  • Interleaved
  • Annotation/s
  • Manuscript
  • Manuscript note/s
  • Nota marks
  • Pen trials
  • Doodles
  • Inscription/s
    • presentation
    • ownership
    • manuscript dedication
    • autograph
  • Decoration
    • painted
    • illuminated
    • initials supplied in red
    • underlining supplied in red
    • rubrication
    • capital strokes
    • penwork
    • decorated border
    • white vine decoration
  • Coat of arms
  • Press cutting
  • Excerpt from bookseller’s catalogue
  • Letter
  • Bibliographical notes
  • Price code
  • Shelfmark (older useage: pressmark)
  • Inventory/accession number
  • Loosely inserted
  • Tipped in
  • Blind impressions of type
  • Watermark
  • Cancel

Searching for previous owners (provenance)

There is an extra option in the Rare Books Search for tracing previous owners of our books.

Select Printers & Provenance to use this search.

Provenances may be personal owners or corporate bodies. Type as much or as little as you want of the name you are searching for in the search box, in surname order (for personal names).

Search to display a brief set of results, and then select the title of any book that you want to see the provenance details of. 

A brief record will be displayed first. To see the copy specific details, choose Full Record.

The provenance details will now be displayed. There may also be further information about the provenance in the copy specific notes in the record.

You may also use this search to trace books produced by specific printers and in specific places.