Frequently asked questions

Q. I am a business student/I have a job interview with House of Fraser and need to know about the history of the company. Can you send me a summary? 
A. See our guide, House of Fraser: Company history (3 pages, 39kb small_pdf_icon).
Q. I am a business student and need to know about the company’s recent management / marketing / development strategies.  Can you send me the details / complete my questionnaire? 
A. The House of Fraser Archive does not include information on the company’s most recent activities.  Therefore, we are unable to assist with such enquiries.  You should contact House of Fraser directly.  Contact details are available on their website, which is located at
Q. Where can I find current annual reports for the company? 
A. Annual reports can be purchased through the WebCHeck service offered by Companies House.  In addition, a number of academic institutions hold House of Fraser annual reports which you may be able to access free of charge.  You can use the Search Company Reports (SCoRe) website to locate this information.  Alternatively, you can contact House of Fraser directly.  Contact details are available on their website at
Q. Are there other websites that may contain useful information about House of Fraser? 
A.  Our online catalogue allows you to search specific House of Fraser companies, providing details of these companies’ histories.  Glasgow University Library’s Business and Management section has some useful links to business resources.