Queen Elizabeth Two (QE2) 40 years on

Where were you on 20 September 1967?  If you were a resident of the West of Scotland at that time the chances are you were on the Clyde to watch the launch of the QE2.  If you were at primary school in 1967 you may have among the hundreds of thousands who watched the launch on black & white television sets eager to hear the name of the new ship, one in a long line of famous ships to be built on the Clyde.

Do you remember other events from 1967?

  • United Kingdom and Ireland apply officially for EEC membership (May)
  • Glasgow Celtic become the first British club to win the European Cup, beating Inter Milan in Lisbon (May)
  • Israel defeats Arab neighbours in Six-Day War, occupying West Bank, Gaza Strip, Sinai peninsula and Golan Heights (June)
  • The Beatles released Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (June)
  • British Labour Government bans pirate radio stations. (August)
  • Devaluation of UK pound (November)
  • First human heart transplant undertaken by Dr Christian Barnard  (December)

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