University of Glasgow ancestor enquiry

University of Glasgow ancestor enquiry

This form is intended for enquiring about ancestors you think may have been students at the University of Glasgow. We will respond confirming their years of study and any qualifications your ancestor received or telling you that we have no record of your ancestor.

If we have been able to find your ancestor, we may offer you the opportunity to commission us to do some follow-up research.  At present, we are unable to offer an opportunity to vist our reading rom to see the records in person.  We will make this available as soon as restrictions allow.

You can search for details of graduates of the University up to 1918 through the University of Glasgow Story free of charge.  If your ancestor attended the University during this period, please search this site.

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Please supply any of the following information as accurately as you can. Ancestor name and an estimate of life dates must be supplied.
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Using your personal information

We will process your personal information to provide you with access to our collections, to respond to your enquiries, to maintain the security and preservation of our archives and special collections and for statistical reporting. For more information see the University of Glasgow privacy notices online or ask our staff.