What is feedback and how do I use it?

Feedback is information provided to you by the person teaching you, or by your peer, or even by yourself, that is designed to show you where your work is good and where it can be improved so that, ultimately, your performance can improve. University is a good time to practice getting to grips with feedback because you will receive many types feedback throughout your working life and knowing how to use it effectively is a great skill to develop.

In this section we will discuss what feedback is, or what it should be, why it is worth taking notice of and how you can use it to improve.

Key points

  • Feedback is information that enables you to improve.
  • Learning to use feedback effectively is a skill you can develop.


In this section you will find:

Getting in contact

The student-facing staff in LEADS can help you to understand the feedback you have received and how you might apply it to your work in the future.

Have a look here to find the Learning Adviser for your College and to book a one-to-one appointment.

More information

To your right, you will find some 'Further reading' links that take you to pages on feedback at other Universities. There are a lot of great resources out there, and we hope to highlight as many of them as possible in this Toolkit.

If you have found a resource to help you interpret and use your feedback, let us know by getting in contact.