What is assessment and how do I improve?

Assessment is your opportunity to shine; to prove your knowledge. It is the main opportunity for you to demonstrate what you know and how you can apply that knowledge. Very often, assessment comes at the end of a topic or a course and often it carries with it a grade and some feedback. Sometimes assessment does not carry a grade, or does not carry a grade that counts towards a final mark, and has lots of feedback with it. Either way, learning to show what you are really capable of in an assessment is a skill you can improve with practice and a little bit of knowledge.

Key points

  • Assessment allows you to demonstrate what you know
  • Learning to show yourself at your best in assessment is skill you can develop


In this section you will find:

Getting in contact

The student-facing staff in LEADS can help you to understand the assessment you will be taking and how to prepare effectively for it.

Have a look here to find the Learning Adviser for your College and to book a one-to-one appointment.