Making Good Trouble: Art Activist Barbie at The Hunterian

Thursday 8 June 2023
6.00pm - 7.30pm
Hunterian Art Gallery
Tickets £6/£8, book here. 

In her campaign for social justice, Art Activist Barbie has been staging her own mini protests all over the UK since 2018. For the past five years the little campaigner has been taking us on a tour of art galleries all over the country on her Twitter account, @BarbieReports, to publicly protest the unequal representation of women artists and problematic depictions of women in art. 

The person behind this art activism is Dr Sarah Williamson, Senior Lecturer in the School of Education and Professional Development at the University of Huddersfield. Specialising in arts-based research, Sarah creates entertaining and educational photographs of Barbie and her placard staged in front of artworks and sculptures. In her efforts to create practices for social justice, Sarah has achieved national and international attention. Hear from Sarah in person in the Hunterian Art Gallery after hours and find out more about her activist work and practice for social change.


First published: 26 April 2023

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