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What to Expect at the Hunterian Museum

Download What to Expect at the Hunterian Museum 
This is a visual resource allowing anyone who may have concerns about visiting unfamiliar buildings or have sensory perception issues, to prepare for their visit.


The Hunterian welcomes school parties to the museum and art gallery. The collections and displays, covering many curricular areas (see Collection Summaries), are suitable for a wide range of ages. Early primary groups are welcome but teachers or group leaders may wish to assess suitability for the group in advance.

Antonine Wall Resources

A selection of resources related to the permanent display The Antonine Wall: Rome's Final Frontier in the Hunterian Museum.

Antonine Wall display: 5 carved sandstone altars are shown on a plain black background

Antonine Wall Explore and Play

Antonine Wall Stories - explore Hunterian stories of life on the Antonine Wall

Meet Verecunda and Ebutius in our online story-telling app.   These characters and stories are inspired by items in the collections.

Explore Antonine Wall Stories (Online)

Journey through time

Enjoy some games and video clips on this journey through time from 55BCE (Before Common Era) to 411 CE (Common Era), focussing on the Antonine Wall and where it fits in the history of Roman Britain.

Cartoon-like figures: two romans in the background and a slave's face close in the foreground.  Title beneath reads: Antonine Wall Interactive Timeline

Includes video clips courtesy of BBC and STV

Come to Roman School!

Latin is the Language of the Romans.  Watch this Learn Latin video to learn some basics for meeting new friends at Roman school.

Its all about the numbers! Download Roman Numerals to find out about how the Romans used letters to make numbers.  Try out some sums Roman style.

Become a Roman Newswriter! Download Roman News Activity to learn about how the Romans shared their News and have a go at your own version.

Puzzle it out

You can enjoy putting these objects together and even recreate our whole Final Frontier display as seen in the museum. Complete the puzzles to answer the questions questions below. Set the level of difficulty to suit yourself by choosing the number of puzzle pieces. 

Puzzle it out

Watch our online puzzle how-to here!

Puzzle 1: A distance slab
 (distance markers along the wall) 
Which legion's work does this slab celebrate?

Puzzle 2: A bust
This was a companion of Bacchus, God of wine. What is his name?

Puzzle 3: A sign of family life
Some of the things found along the wall were everyday objects. These objects come in different sizes but what are they made of?

Puzzle 4: Altars
The Romans in Britain made food offerings to the gods in these altars. What names can you see? These are names of the gods they were dedicated to.

Puzzle 5: The Final Frontier
We hope you can come to visit our display soon, but if that's not possible for you - complete the puzzle to see what it looks like. How many Roman columns stand at the entrance to our display?

Amazing to think that these were all found buried in disused wells where the Romans had put them when they retreated from Scotland.


These resources were created by student of MSc Museum Education, Sarah Tose on work placement, 2021.

Antonine Wall Resource Kit

Download the Hunterian Antonine Wall Resource kit

The resources in this kit are printed and available for use at the museum (two sets) - simply ask for it at the reception desk. It is provided here as a download for users advance preparation should they need it.

Resources compiled by Caitlin Conlan, MSc Material Culture and Artefact Studies, 2019.

Antonine Wall Teachers' Resource Pack (children aged 8-10)

Download Antonine Wall Teachers' Resource Pack (children aged 8-10) 
Additional reference materials including pre, during and post visit suggestions.

Pack compiled by Grace Hepworth, Msc Museum Studies, 2012

Comic Strip inspired by Roman Shoes

Comic strip story inspired by Roman Shoes at The Hunterian


Head and shoulder cartoon drawings of a man in Roman dress, a woman in celtic dress and a boy wearing a roman soldier's helmet


In support of his dissertation research, former Museum Studies student, Guillem Martí designed this cartoon strip label depicting a short story inspired by the Roman Shoes featured in the Antonine Wall display. This label was displayed briefly in the museum to allow visitors to comment on their reactions. It is hoped that school children might also enjoy this short story.

Designers: Guillem Martí (Text and Illustration), Msc Museum Studies. GCA, University of Glasgow and Diego Zamora (Computer Layout),  MA Product Design and PhD Candidate. ECA, University of Edinburgh. 

Historic Environment Scotland’s Frontiers of the Roman Empire

Some of the items from The Hunterian’s Antonine Wall display can be seen in these web pages, along with a wide range of interactive resources and information about visiting the Antonine Wall Heritage sites.

Historic Environment Scotland’s Frontiers of the Roman Empire – key artefacts