‌Steph Scholten


The Hunterian
University of Glasgow
Glasgow G12 8QQ

Short Biography
Steph Scholten, Director of The Hunterian.Steph joined The Hunterian in 2017 and was previously Director of Heritage Collections at the University of Amsterdam. Steph is an experienced museum director and academic with over 25 years experience in the cultural sector. He is an art historian by background with an international reputation and extensive knowledge of museum collections. In The Netherlands, he worked for the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, for the National Institute for Conservation, at the National Museum of Antiquities and was in charge of the extensive and important collections and museums of the University of Amsterdam. 

Research Interests
Steph’s major research interest is in museum ethics. In The Netherlands he was member and chair of several national committees, amongst them the one that designed the new deaccessioning guidelines for Dutch museums and that have been implemented in the Dutch law on Cultural Heritage in 2016. Currently he is a member of EthCom, the standing committee on professional ethics of the International Council of Museums.

Image © Monique Kooijmans.