Aerial photo of the East Quadrangle, with students grouped in the shape of a heart. Photo by Greig Gallagher.

Health & wellbeing

Supporting the wellbeing of our University community through these challenging times is a key priority 

Fostering an online community focused on wellbeing, mental health and information sharing, and harnessing the expertise of our colleagues, is core to our approach. 

Initiatives include: 

  • Creating a hashtag to connect colleagues over social media (#QuaranTeamUofG) 
  • Encouraging and facilitating virtual team get-togethers with a focus on wellbeing, support and fun 
  • Asking our experts to share their advice, such as our Professor of Psychiatry and our Director of Health, Safety and Wellbeing 
  • Q&A sessions with senior management addressing topics that may be concerning our colleagues or students during these uncertain times 
  • Fitness & wellbeing resources including live exercise classes, meditation and nutrition advice delivered by our experts in UofG Sports. 

However, we’re keen to do more 

We’re in this together 

We welcome suggestions of wellbeing initiatives that have been implemented at your institution and we’d love to hear from youPlease get in touch at 

We hope you enjoy and can benefit from our resources, including the following advice from our Professor of Psychiatry Daniel Smith on managing your mental health. 

First published May 2020.